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Case Examples

Ten Million Dollar Settlement after Judgment Against a Bank

Mr. Frieden litigated through trial and appeal a multimillion dollar judgment, that was eventually settled for a $10,000,000 payout from one of the largest banks in California represented by one of the largest law firms in California. The bank defrauded a small businessman when it sold him properties it had repossessed.

As is usual in today's litigation environment the bank insisted on a confidentiality agreement, so that it's name cannot be disclosed.

Download and read the associated newspaper article about this case (.PDF File)

$1,400,000 for Unlawful Use of Image of the World

Many of us have flown in planes that this corporation has built, but it has a wide variety of businesses and is one of the largest corporations in America. Again, it has insisted as part of the settlement, that its name remain secret. This corporation used, without permission and in violation of copyright law, a beautiful image of the world developed by a local artist. When the artist discovered what the company had done, he demanded payment.

The corporation wouldn't give him a cent. After suit was brought by Mr. Frieden, the company brought in one of the largest law firms in the country. Result? Settlement for more $1,300,000.

Working for 20 Years for Less Than Minimum Wage

They were a young married couple, recent immigrants from Mexico and illegal, living out of their car with a baby in arms. They found a place in Los Angeles working for a couple who owned a 50 unit apartment building. Most of the apartments were single rooms without a bathroom. The young husband did repairs and the young wife scrubbed the common area bathrooms and showers on three floors, sometimes twice a day. They worked there 20 years. For the first 16 years, she wasn't paid a penny and he was paid less than the minimum wage.

Why did the husband and wife, no longer young, stay in this job? The owners promised that if the husband and wife worked at the building until the owners died, they would give the husband and wife the building. And then, one of the owners died, the other re-married, and reneged on the promise. The husband, now holding a green card, and the wife, now a U.S. citizen, went to Mr. Frieden.

End result, after years of bitter litigation, was that the building was sold and the husband and wife received 85% of the net proceeds, more than $1,200,000.